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You can easily create your online training platform by Contacting us, and we shall provide you with the steps needed.
Generating the academy is free of charge, and you have 14 days of trial. Afterwards, when you are sure that you want to proceed and launch an online educational/training academy, we will share with you a financial quotation; which suites your requirements.
Our online training solution gives you the possibility to:
- Create your independent customized online academy; without the need for any technical skills.
- Share your experience by creating and offering paid courses, or allow users to join them for free.
- Deliver your content to wider audiences, all over the world, who is eager for the knowledge you provide, and allow them to enjoy a learning experience at their own times and pace.
- Full control of the academy; users data, content, discussions, students’ progress, settings, pricings...etc.
- Display your content in various interactive methods; videos, PDF files, texts, quizzes, assignments, discussions, and more.
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Your online academy is fully owned by you, and Instructit doesn’t claim any access, nor any limitations, on the content and users data.
Instructit core service is technical. However, we will help you in marketing your academy and courses by promoting them on our social media channels, and by adding your academy to the Examples section on our main website.
Additional marketing plans to be customized when required.
For more inquiries, and to build your academy,Contact Us