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About Instructit

We at Instructit seek to be a leading educational solutions provider in the Arab world. Our unique service provides passionate individuals and professional institutions with independent, online academies; which shall be the next milestone in delivering their content easily and effectively.

Within few steps, and without technical skills required, your online academy will be ready for you to customize it based on your own brand, and it is set to be launched as soon as you arrange and upload your content on its pages.

By using our platform provider, you can expand your audience base, and deliver learning content and training material through diverse display and interactive methods. Your audience will enjoy an accessible, modern, and effective learning experience.

Instructit also provides instructors and trainers with consultation and knowledge needed in all fields related to online training, content management, and marketing.

For learners and knowledge hunters, Instructit works to provide you with as many academies as possible and beyond, to cover all the fields of knowledge and training you need. Through our online platforms service, your education journey will be at your own pace and schedule.

What does Instructit offer you?

Instructit provides you with a comprehensive, advanced online academy, which hosts your material securely, and gives you the availability to display your content in diverse methods; visual, audible, textual, in addition to the interactive discussion sections to exchange knowledge with all users. Since you are the owner of the academy, then you will also have a full management dashboard; which demonstrates statistics and counters for the traffic and content performance happening on your platform.

Who benefits from Instructit platform?

Instructit platform matches the demand of educational content owners; who aspire to deliver their knowledge to wider audiences and achieve the best outcomes. Whether you are an individual or an institution, we will build you your own online academy, with the most advanced, interactive features. Through online courses, you will overcome the geographical and time boundaries, which limit your reach and resources. Above that, this your online academy will become your new revenue stream, and even perhaps it will become an established, sustainable income.

Instructit aims at contributing in delivering knowledge to everyone. Learners of all fields are our indirect audience; who are as equally important as the instructors and the educational material. So Instructit works its best to provide as many online academies as it can; to cover all fields and all levels of proficiency. Also, by establishing independent, customized academies, the learner can find all training material and services his favorite company/instructor offers on one platform.